Topoi, topographies and travellers.

Papers of a conference at the Swedish Institute for Classical Studies in Rome, 10–12 November 2016.
Eds. S. Fogelberg Rota & A. Blennow (The Swedish Institute in Rome, Projects and Seminars, 6), Rome 2019

© The Swedish Institute in Rome and individual authors.
ISSN 1824-7725


Introduction & Contents

Beverley Butler ‘Rome Syndrome – Tourism, Heritage and Guidebooks at the “Crossroads of the Real and the Ideal”’

Monica Hedlund ‘Preachers, supplicants and pilgrims.Two Vadstena brothers in Rome’

Claes Gejrot ‘Medieval Swedish Pilgrims in the Charter Material’

Ingrid Rowland ‘Viterbo as a Model of Rome in the Work of Annius of Viterbo’

Eirik Arff Gulseth Bøhn ‘A Compendium of the Ancient Magnificence of Rome: Giacomo Manilli’s 1650 guidebook to the Villa Borghese’

Anders Bengtsson ‘The Transformation of a Swedish Traveller – the Naples syndrome?’

Thomas Velle ‘Leaving out Rome. Ludvig Holberg’s Comical Presentation of a City and its Travellers’

Chloe Chard ‘Not Just “Tittering at the Natives”: Laughter in Italy and in a Colder Climate’

Jacob Orrje ‘Strangers to London. The transformations of travellers and go-betweens in three mid 18th-century travelogues’

Ola Svenle ‘Academy travel identity – Swedish architects studying in Italy in the late 19th century’

Ragnar Hedlund ‘“A dream to dream again”: accounts of travels to Constantinople in the late 19th and early 20th centuries’

Jilke Golbach ‘Topoi Revisited: memory and temporality in Sharon Kivland’s “Freud on Holiday” and Evelyn Hofer’s “Emerson in Italy”’

Wim Verbaal ‘Making the Stones Speak. Pre-Constructing Rome’

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