Luni sul Mignone

“Pian di Luni” or “Luni” is the name of a plateau, built by the volcanic rock, tufa, and lying by the river Mignone in the Comune di Blera, about 65 km northwest of Rome.

The crown of the mountain consists of a relatively flat plain, c. 550 metres long and 150 metres wide at the widest point. The plateau lies in a NE-SW direction. The cliffs drop precipitously in relation to the surrounding terrain and therefore give the area natural protection. On the southern side the Vesca stream meets the river Mignone while the northern side of Luni is flanked by the deep valley of the Canino brook.

Between the years 1960 and 1963, archaeological investigations took place on the Luni plateau and Fornicchio (Monte Fornicchio), a small hill directly northeast of Luni. Furthermore, a shaft was dug in the depression between Fornicchio and the Luni plateau. This area has later been called, Tre Erici.

In the surrounding area, the necropoleis of Pianarola, Pontone Spaderna and Monte Fortino, were also investigated.


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