The Swedish Institute in Rome Annual Fellowship, Art History

The impact on visual culture in Stockholm traced to Gustav III’s travel to Italy

During the fellowship period (September 2021 – May 2022) at The Swedish Institute in Rome my research aim is to investigate the cultural effects of the Swedish king Gustav III’s travel to Italy between October 1783 to May 1784.

The stay in Italy, officially a treatment of the king’s injured arm, will be examined in correlation to my dissertation subject of visual culture and art within masquerades, court festivals and ceremonials in Stockholm between 1771-1808. The research will mainly focus on Gustav III and his travel companions’ participation in masquerades, carnivals and similar festivitas during their stay in Florence, Naples, Rome and Venice, and how their involvement possibly effected the festival arrangements in Stockholm after the return in 1784. Preserved festival programs, paintings depicting the events, preparatory drawings, accounting, notes, letters and diaries constitutes the main sources of the investigation. 

The various topics and questions will put emphasis on the organisational structures of the studied arrangements, different themes presented through art, architecture and symbols, the participants, practical regulations, limitations and possibilities as well as the function and role of the city and the surrounding areas where the events took place.